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We provide customizable service.

We offer cost effective manufacturing with the best quality standards. Tell us what you need and we can customize a solution for you! Our customizable service is tailored to different requirements (e.g. size, material, performance, printing, etc.).

Customized VIP specifications

Customized PCM specifications

Customized thermal packaging


YT has an independent laboratory collaborated with TÜV Rheinland, YT has a self-owned laboratory  for thermal packaging validation. The core equipment, programmable step-in climate chamber can precisely simulate the real or standard conditions (e.g. ISTA 7D) in the range of -40~155 ℃, which strongly supports the certified validation process for new and existing packagings. All the  equipment will be annually calibrated by third party according to national standards. Walk-in high and low temperature test chamber for the validation of newly developed thermal packagings. And calibration based on JJF 1101-2019 environmental test equipment temperature, humidity parameters calibration specifications.
Environmental test chamber temperature zone can be up to -45 degrees to 155 degrees, temperature deviation of ± 2 degrees, can accurately control and simulate the extreme temperature changes.